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Welcome to Professional Medical Billers Association USA (PMBA USA) At PMBA USA, we are committed to elevating the standards of the medical coding and billing profession. As a premier organization in the healthcare billing industry, we offer comprehensive resources, education, and certification programs designed to empower medical coding and billing professionals.



  • No technical or AI knowledge required to master AI tools
  • Use ChatGPT & AI to work 10x faster in your job everyday
  • Impress & make your bosses go "WOW!" with your work
  • Finish 80% of your work with 20% effort using free AI Tools
  • Be amongst the top 5% professionals to avoid being laid off
  • Become AI Medical Coding Consultant | Develop AI Medical Coding Tool

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"If the answer to any of the three questions is 'YES,' then CAIMC is the best choice for you."

With automation on the rise, I'm concerned about the evolving medical coding landscape.

I'm interested in maximizing my earning potential as a medical coder.

I've experimented with ChatGPT, but lack the confidence to utilize it effectively in my daily coding practice.

The possibilities of AI in medical coding are exciting, but I struggle to see how I can translate them into tangible benefits for my workflow.

Finding time for personal and professional development can be challenging.

I wish to become a medical coding consultant and develop my own AI Medical Coding Tool.


You can Master The A to Z Of ChatGPT & AI Tools For Your Medical Coding/RCM work, Save 3 Hours Of Time Daily Using AI, Get A 3X Growth In Salary & Learn The Skills Needed For A High Paying Job Without Getting Too Technical or Spending Hours Learning Coding & Never Do Overtime In Your Office

By Joining CAIMC – Certified AI Medical Coder Training and Certification you can leverage your Medical coding skills

No Prior Knowledge or Experience Required!

YES, It will be that Easy!

Here is what you are going to learn...

Introduction to AI and Medical Coding

Definition and History of AI The Intersection of AI and Healthcare Role of AI in Medical Coding An Overview Significance of Integrating AI into Healthcare.

How AI Works: A Deep Dive

Algorithms , Training AI , Bias and Variability in AI The Logic Behind AI , Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning ,Decision Trees, Random Forests, and their Applications in Healthcare.

Ethical and HIPAA Considerations in AI for Medical Coding

AI Decision-making and Accountability Understanding and Overcoming AI Bias in Healthcare Data Privacy and Security Measures Regulatory Compliance in AI-enhanced Medical Coding.

Hands-on Workshop and Project

Working with Popular AI Tools relevant to Medical Coding Undertaking a Real-world AI Medical Coding Project Collaborative Learning and Peer Review Feedback and Iterative Improvement.

Conclusion and Career Pathways

Building a Portfolio as an AI Medical Coder Networking and Continuous Professional Development Advanced Certifications and Further Learning in AI and Healthcare Charting a Career Path in an AI-Integrated Healthcare Industry

Different Types of AI

Machine Learning (ML) and its Relevance to Medical Coding Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Practical Applications of AI in Medical Coding

Automated Code Assignments Predictive Analysis for Patient Outcomes Assisting in EHR (Electronic Health Record) Coding Fraud Detection and Compliance Monitoring.

Preparing for an AI-Driven Future in Medical Coding

Tools and Software for AI Medical Coding Skill Development for the Modern Medical Coder The Role of Continuous Learning in an AI-Driven Industry Case Studies Upon successful completion, you'll be awarded the CAIMC certificate. As an alumni, you'll also receive regular updates in the field.

Challenges and Opportunities in AI Medical Coding

Overcoming Resistance to AI in the Workplace Addressing Challenges in AI Implementation Emerging Opportunities for AI-skilled Medical Coders Future Trends in AI and Medical Coding.

Fine-Tuning Skills

Discover techniques to fine-tune ChatGPT for specific needs, master crafting effective prompts to achieve the desired responses, understand data privacy principles, focus on data security measures, and familiarize yourself with the de-identification process of the 18 HIPAA identifiers.

+ Much More.!!

"ChatGPT and AI are transforming Medical Coding! Don't let layoffs be your reality. Get ahead by mastering AI tools in this workshop. Imagine coding 10x faster, eliminating errors, and commanding top salaries . Become the RCM Rockstar your company needs and secure your future in this booming field. Work 10 Times Faster & Become The Top Performing Employee Of Your Company."

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What You Will Learn In This Workshop Will Not Just Help You Save 3 Hours Daily In Your Job, But Also Help You Impress Your Management & Grow Your Salary By Upto 3x. It's All Possible By Using AI To Do Your Work 10x Faster!!

This CAIMC is only for Certified Medical Coders and Experienced Coders only. You will be learning hacks & tools that will make you the best employee of your office. This workshop is for professionals including but not limited to…

  • Certified Medical Coders
  • Surgery Medical Coders
  • ED/EM Coders
  • Senior Medical Billers
  • Medical Coding QAs
  • Speciality Medical Coders
  • HR & Recruiters
  • Software Developers
  • HCC Medical Coders HCC Medical Coders
  • IP-DRG Medical Coders IP-DRG Medical Coders
  • RCM Managers RCM Managers
  • CEO, CFOs, Medical Coding Managers CEO, CFOs, Medical Coding Managers
  • CDI Specialists CDI Specialists
  • Radiology Coders Radiology Coders

Anyone wanting to get a promotion, salary hike or switch their job in today’s AI driven world!

Become a Certified AI Medical Coder - CAIMC

Yes! You will be certified by a Microsoft Certified Trainer & Skill Nation which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.

Certificate course in AI Medical Coder - CAIMC

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