An innovative initiative of the Professional Medical Billers Association (PMBA) USA! We are a leading platform dedicated to empowering aspiring healthcare professionals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the dynamic fields of medical coding and billing.


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Gain real-world experience and enhance your coding skills with CodersGrade's Medical Coding Internship. It's a unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, paving the way for a successful career in medical coding.

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Our Mission

our mission is clear – to bridge the gap between education and practical experience in the Medical Coding and Medical Billing Domain. We believe that hands-on training is essential to succeed in the ever-evolving world of medical coding and billing. As an extension of PMBA USA, we strive to provide comprehensive internship programs and account receivables training to equip students with the expertise required for a successful career.

Medical Coding and Billing Internship
Medical Coding and Billing Internship

Our flagship program, the Medical Coding and Billing Internship, offers six months of practical experience with real-world projects, guided by industry experts. Graduates emerge well-prepared for healthcare industry challenges and proficient in medical coding and billing.

Account Receivables Training
Account Receivables Training

We provide specialized Account Receivables Training to enhance participants' knowledge in revenue cycle management, claim processing, and account receivables optimization, ensuring smooth financial operations in healthcare facilities.

Partnership with PMBA USA
A Partnership with PMBA USA

CodersGrade® is proud to be an initiative of the Professional Medical Billers Association USA, fostering a community of skilled and ethical medical coders and billers. Our partnership brings industry expertise and networking opportunities to shape the future of healthcare professionals.

Equivalence Six Months Experience
Equivalence to Six Months Experience

Our internship program offers six months of hands-on training, equivalent to real-world experience, enhancing graduates' employability and professionalism in the healthcare industry

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Discover endless opportunities in medical coding and billing at CodersGrade®. Join us to unlock your potential for success. Visit CodersGrade®.com to explore our programs and secure your spot. Start your Rewarding Healthcare Career Today ! An initiative by the Professional Medical Billers Association USA, offering comprehensive training and practical exposure, equivalent to six months of experience.