Why CPMB® Certification

An innovative initiative of the Professional Medical Billers Association (PMBA) USA! We are a leading platform dedicated to empowering aspiring healthcare professionals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the dynamic fields of medical coding and billing.

Why Get Certified?

The simple answer is that to remain as competitive as possible today, you must be certified. Healthcare organizations, vendors, government agencies, and even payers are now looking to ensure that they are hiring or working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Professional certification from PMBA offer them an industry-standard benchmark – one that has the backing and credibility of highly experienced industry professionals.

Every profession requires specialized skills. Not every employer knows that you have those skills. In short, CPMB® certification is an investment in your career and future.

CPMB® Certification Actual Price $199 Signup for $129 Includes One year Membership Benefits to Individuals.

Market study indicates a 65% of employers’ preference for credentialed candidates over those with no credentials Showcases your commitment towards Quality Demonstrate the skills and knowledge Increases your confidence through achievement of a recognized standard Benefit to Employers.

Provides a means to assess workforce skills and build a training plan Proves employees have necessary skills to carry out their work competently Increase the overall efficiency and productivity Achieve specific goals and objectives more effectively Unnecessary time and money wasted through incompetence is eliminated CPMB® Certification Advantages

CPMB® Medical billing certification can offer a number of advantages for individuals working in the medical billing and coding field. Some of the benefits include

Increased job opportunities : Holding a CPMB® medical billing certification demonstrates a high level of expertise and commitment to the field, making individuals more attractive to potential employers.

Higher earning potential : Certified professional medical billers may be able to command higher salaries and enjoy better job stability compared to their non-certified counterparts.

Improved knowledge and skills : Certification programs provide individuals with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop new skills in the medical billing and coding field.

Industry recognition : Medical billing certification is widely recognized and respected within the healthcare industry, giving individuals a competitive edge in their careers.

Better understanding of regulations : Medical billing certification programs cover important regulations and standards that individuals need to know in order to perform their jobs effectively and in compliance with industry standards.

Networking opportunities : Many medical billing certification programs offer opportunities for individuals to connect with other professionals in the field, allowing them to build relationships and share information and resources.

Career advancement : Holding a medical billing certification can help individuals advance their careers and take on more responsibility in their jobs.